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I received a question from meeboguest243016 regarding Homunculus Embryos.

you have made embryos right? well if you can answer my question of do i have to wait till 5pm(gmt) to obtain the embryo ingredients from jore in the alchemist guild? or can i just get them elsewhere? thanks in advance.

Thank you for sending in your question, meeboguest243016. From what I understand from your question you seem to be confused in how to create an Embryo.

Creating an Embryo is pretty simple once you finish the Bioethics quest, and I don’t remember doing a quest other than that to create an Embryo. You just need Pharmacy (or Prepare Potion, whatever that skill is called in your server), a Normal Potion Manual, a Medicine Bowl, 1 Seed of Life, 1 Yggdrasil Dew, and 1 Life Force Pot.

You can get the items from the Material Seller at the Alchemist Guild located at Al De Baran. The Material Seller actually looks like a Sage, just beside the stairs leading to the upper floor of the building. You can buy the required materials from him.

Use the Pharmacy skill with the said items in your inventory and Embryo should appear on your list of items that can be made using Pharmacy. Also, keep in mind that the skill can fail.

I hope I answered your question. Good luck.



  1. Thanks, this really helped a lot!

  2. The life force pot is replaced by “A Glass Tube”.

  3. You’re welcome. This blog exists to help fellow Alchemists out there.

  4. thanks

  5. i was wandering i can’t see the life force pot at the alchemist guild
    where i can get that????

  6. how can i get all thing to make homunculus?
    plz tell me…


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